September 26

Working with Cyber Security Specialists in New York for Continuous Security Upgrade

Cyber security professionals in New York help businesses upgrade their cyber security solutions as regularly as financially feasible. Upgrade need not require totally “reinventing the wheel” in terms of security. However, you may very well want to adopt new security protocols.

Security Solutions to Consider

IT security experts advise a few basic security precautions to be updated at regular intervals as new software patches and best practices become available. Several basic security solutions your SMB should have, and keep updated, include:


Cyber security experts in New York can help you institute firewalls appropriate to your operation, and to update those firewalls regularly. Does it make sense that a firewall from 1995 would do anything to deter a concerted hacker from 2019? Probably not–the horsepower of the 1995 network is less than one smartphone, given the technological disparity between those dates. You’ve got to update firewalls every year or two, depending on your business, for reliable protection.

The Best Available Antivirus Software

You have to install antivirus software and update it regularly. As with old firewalls, old antivirus software won’t be as effective at reducing cybercriminal intrusion. Going with the best available options makes sense, there will be secondary software solutions which have their own advantages. Consultation with the right managed IT security provider helps you find the right balance.

Employee Training, Network Monitoring, MDM

Best practices in terms of internet interface require updates. Educate staff, refreshing them between one and four times a year, depending on your capabilities. Continuous monitoring and support networks additionally help identify and prevent cybercriminal intrusion. Lastly, mobile device management (MDM) is key in helping you be sure your network isn’t compromised by mobile devices.

Getting Your Business Comprehensively Secured

At Total Technology Solutions, our cyber security experts in New York can help you train employees, monitor your network, manage mobile devices, install the best antivirus options available, and ensure firewalls are up to date. Contact us now for more information.

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