October 20

Work-From-Home Cyber Security Tips You and Your Employees Must Apply

Now that the majority of white-collar corporate workers are remaining at home rather than venturing into the office, cyber security is becoming that much more important. The primary downside to working from home is susceptibility to viruses, cyber scams, and hacks. Below, our cyber security professionals explain how to mitigate risk and ensure your team can work safely from home.

Do not Rush to Respond to Email Requests for Money or Sensitive Information

If your employees receive a message requesting money or valuable information, it is not sensible to quickly comply with the request. Phishing attacks that impersonate other parties are on the rise. Phishing is also conducted through social media. Our cyber security team can help train your team to identify phishing messages and mitigate risk. Your employees must carefully review all requests for money and important information.

Do not hesitate to contact the organization that is supposedly behind the message to obtain more information and verify the request. When in doubt, do not comply with the request. Be patient, perform your due diligence and you will be able to make a well-informed decision that safeguards your hard-earned money and information. If you ever have any questions about the legitimacy of messages, lean on our team for a thorough review.

Secure the Wireless Internet Connection

If you do not know how to secure your wireless internet connection, our cyber security specialists can do it for you. It is imperative your wireless internet connection is completely secure. Otherwise, malicious individuals will hop onto your connection and steal information transmitted. Furthermore, your wireless internet router must also be current. If the router is old, upgrade to a new one. Furthermore, if your router is new, it should be updated with the latest firmware.

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Mind Those Software Updates

Ideally, your software will be updated automatically. However, you might have forgotten to set it for auto-updates or those updates might not be kicking in. Our tech team is here to help you update your software and replace outdated software with the best new programs.

Think Before Clicking

It merely takes a single click of the mouse to wreak havoc on your computer. Think carefully before clicking emails, links, files, attachments, etc. Be cautious and suspicious, forward the information to our team for a thorough review if you are in doubt, and you will have done your part in safeguarding your valuable information.

When it comes to cyber security, our team at Total Technology Solutions has all the bases covered. Reach out to us today to find out how we can help safeguard your valuable data and keep your operations humming along.

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