September 12

Why You Should Not Be Reluctant to Pay for High-Quality IT Support in Long Island

Some business owners have a mindset that IT support is an expense that needs to be kept to a minimum. They do everything in their power to avoid paying for decent IT support in Long Island. The problem with that mindset is that you may be saving a bit of money in the short-term while crippling your company in the long run.

The Reality of Saving Money in the Short-Term

In smaller companies, many employees play multiple roles. The IT support role gets filled by a person with some knowledge about computers. That person can handle many end-user needs such as setting up printers, troubleshooting basic PC problems, and getting devices on the network. What that person can’t handle is everything else. Information technology is a highly complex field covered by multiple disciplines. A full IT staff in larger companies would consist of experts in networking, hardware support, software support, operating system support, database management, cybersecurity, and end-user support, among many other disciplines.

  • Expecting one or two people to handle every aspect of your IT needs is unrealistic, especially when your company is growing and your needs are becoming more complicated.
  • Expecting your accountant (or salesperson or secretary) to set up your network is an unwise use of your company’s resources.
  • Expecting your company to continue growing without quality IT support is ridiculous.

The Reality of Paying for High-Quality IT Support

Hiring a managed service provider (MSP) is one way to gain the benefits of high-quality IT support in Long Island while keeping costs under control. An MSP brings a deep pool of IT talent to the table along with proven processes that will bring your company’s technology to the next level.

  • You get a service team with multiple layers of support available. Help desk technicians are available 24/7 to handle most end-user needs. Engineers are also available to handle higher level support needs. Consultants can come in to set up new systems or networks.
  • You get an experienced team of IT managers who keep the technical teams on task to provide the best customer service possible. They also ensure their teams receive the latest training available.
  • You get access to a proven set of processes focused on your network and other IT assets. These processes allow the service team to manage, secure, and optimize your technology.

High-quality IT support is not an expense that will drag your company down; it will actually enable you to do more. To learn more about how an MSP can help your company, contact us at Total Technology Solutions. We are an IT support provider in Long Island providing managed IT services for Long Island businesses.

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