March 6

Why You Need IT Support from a Long Island MSP

The IT industry continues to change as technology improves and demand spikes. It was not long ago when companies with IT issues would address the problem by paying a tech specialist an hourly rate. Nowadays, more and more businesses are turning to managed service providers (MSPs) offering IT support in Long Island for assistance.

The Merits of MSPs

If you have a small to medium-sized business, it is nearly a guarantee you need the assistance of an MSP. MSPs are businesses that manage company data centers in a remote manner. This is the competitive advantage your business needs to work with the utmost efficiency. There is no need to wait for a tech specialist to show up and attempt a repair. Rather, you can simply call or message IT support in Long Island for remote assistance.

Cloud Security

If you have heard cloud computing is insecure, you were misinformed. IT support providers in Long Island offer services by way of the cloud with top-level security. This is the safe, affordable and flexible means of solving complex tech problems without paying an in-house IT specialist an exorbitant salary. MSPS add firewalls and security software to combat threats. Network monitoring is also available to thwart ransomware, phishing emails, etc.

Support from the True Tech Experts

There is nothing worse than investing big bucks in the latest tech innovations only to have it disappoint or completely fail. Lean on an MSP for assistance and the tech gurus will troubleshoot your problems over the phone, through remote support or even on-site.

Disaster Recovery Done Right

Disasters of all different types have the potential to damage your network. If your network is attacked or if there is a natural disaster, break-in or another crisis, you need the assistance of a proven MSP right away. Our team will craft a flawless disaster recovery plan with the best possible backup and recovery strategies for your unique business.

Do you need some assistance with your IT? Our IT support team in Long Island is here to help with your tech needs. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions today.

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