August 10

Why You Should Replace the “Set and Forget” Cyber Security Approach of Your Long Island Business

The entire concept of cyber security on Long Island has changed dramatically the past decade. At one time, ‘set and forget’ was the strategy for businesses of all types, as many companies relied on minimal security. But throughout this century, cyber criminals have made it clear they want to cause havoc for their illegal recreation and financial gain. That’s why you need more than a simple set and forget solution.

Yes, Old Cyber Security Strategies No Longer Work

Anti-virus software used to represent the one layer of cyber security that most Long Island businesses relied upon. Firewalls and encryption have been around a long time, but it was this century when they started becoming widely used data protection technologies. Getting hacked was rare a few decades back; now it’s so common everyone with online digital assets must protect against it.

Hackers have simply become more sophisticated and are able to learn system vulnerabilities at a faster pace. That’s why you need to keep updating various types of software you use. The late John MacAfee, who founded MacAfee anti-virus software, called his product the “worst software on the planet” after Intel acquired it in 2010 for $7.6 billion then dropped it by 2014.

Reducing cyber threats now requires more than just one layer of security. While anti-virus helps, you need multiple layers of security to make life hard for the hacker to the point of giving up.

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Risks of Maintaining Light Data Protection

One of the biggest risks involved with sticking to traditional one-layer cyber security is downtime. Once the first server goes down, you do have a backup server, right? It’s now critical to have a backup and recovery plan in case your network suffers a breach. Without a backup server or recovery plan, your company can be offline indefinitely until your system is restored.

Another major reason to look at cyber security more closely with the assistance of IT professionals is the cost of recovery from a cyber attack can be tremendous. In fact, most businesses that lack multi-layered security and a disaster recovery plan simply drop out of business when they are struck by a breach.

The costs of data loss and reputational damage can be just as devastating when privacy invasion cases end up in court. If your business liability insurance has low limits, a major breach can send the company into bankruptcy.


Maintaining up-to-date cyber security is now essential for business survival. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about how to protect your data and network so you can concentrate more on your business strategies. Our cyber security team on Long Island is ready to help you!

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