March 15

Why Should Businesses Stay Ahead of the Cyber Security Curve?

Rapid developments in information technology present businesses with numerous cyber security challenges. In as much as technology spells a good fortune, companies have to pay the price for it. Technological innovations present novel security vulnerabilities that can jeopardize business operations, continuity, and reputation.

This calls for businesses to be proactive in their security measures. Staying ahead of the security curve is essential in figuring out potential vulnerabilities and devising appropriate methods of dealing with them. Below, we outline the critical reasons why businesses need to stay ahead of the cyber security curve.

Minimize the Threat of Cyber Attacks

Upgrading your security tools and protocols will ensure that your business is well secured. Even if an attack is set up, the cyber criminals may not be able to bypass all the layers of protection. You will detect threats quickly and put sufficient countermeasures to minimize the impact of any attack.

Staying ahead of the curve requires you to update your security tools and be well equipped to deal with the new attack strategies and malware hackers are inventing every day. In case hackers launch an attack on your business, the tools will figure out and send an alert. You will respond in good time and reduce the impact of a possible threat.

Faster Recovery in Case of a Breach

We all know that data breaches can totally derail a business’s operations or bring it down altogether. It takes a lot of time for businesses to discover how an attack was launched, the extent of damage, and necessary measures to minimize further consequences.

But when you get ahead of the cyber security curve, you will have an effective incident response and recovery plan in place. This will help you identify the loophole for the breach, contain it, clean, and eradicate the incident to ensure business operations continuity.

To Save on Human Resources and Money

The costs associated with cyber-attacks are massive. Businesses incur huge costs due to data losses, lost productivity, business disruption, and non-compliance costs. But the good news is, you can minimize these losses when you stay ahead of the security curve.

Getting ahead of the curve means researching and investing in new security tools and protocols. For instance, investing in automated software security applications will help you evaluate vulnerabilities and detect threats in codes faster with minimal human supervision. When the automated detection and prevention process is seamless and efficient, you will need fewer personnel to perform the same tasks, saving on manpower and money.


Cyber crime is real in today’s digital world. Cyber criminals are inventing new tricks of attacks and posing a threat to every business. If you want to stay ahead of the cyber security curve, it is wise to seek professional services from experts. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions for further details.

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