September 13

Why a Safe and Secure Network is Essential to Your Business’s Cyber Security

You may be well aware by now that cybercriminals are increasingly using creative ways to target networks and access confidential data without businesses even realizing it. So you need to stay proactive by focusing on network security to keep your data safe while also protecting your reputation. Working with a managed service provider (MSP) is always a smart option to further elevate your cyber security and limit the chance of a data breach.

Here are a few of the top reasons why keeping your network safe and secure is critical for your business.

Reduced Downtime

An IT security incident in the workplace can often result in many hours of downtime. All of this downtime makes it difficult for employees to stay productive and meet deadlines. Downtime can also damage the relations with customers if you are unable to provide them with a service or product. Taking the additional steps in securing your network is well worth the effort in trying to avoid this situation.

Keeping Data Safe

Data breaches continue to go more lucrative in nature each year. All of this data is often sold on the dark web to other cybercriminals. Phishing scams are one of the most common ways to steal important data. Training each employee on how to recognize these schemes is essential in staying proactive against these evolving threats in the workplace.

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Dealing with a cyber security incident at work can cost a significant amount of money in only a short time. Businesses can’t always recover from these incidents. To avoid this from happening to your business, it helps to work with a managed IT service provider, to give you an added layer of protection. The cost of outsourcing IT security is always more affordable than dealing with the aftermath of an IT security incident.

Maintaining Compliance

Many companies must meet strict compliance requirements to keep data secure. Failure to follow these rules can often lead to significant fines while also damaging your reputation. Partnering with an IT service provider is one of the best ways to stay in compliance with all of these rules related to your industry while also helping you to boost data security.

Partner with Total Technology Solutions to Boost the Digital Security of Your Business

Total Technology Solutions offers a variety of cyber security services for businesses small and large. Our goal is to help your company reach its full potential with the use of cutting-edge tech solutions. Working with a managed service provider offers many benefits, such as improved network security, patch management, employee training, around-the-clock support, and much more.

Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about our managed IT services!

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