April 16

Why Partner with a Cyber Security Provider in New York?

With the emergence of ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS), cyber security providers in New York recommend deploying constant cyber defenses updates. This is vital as cybercriminals are more empowered than ever and before and use RaaS systems to recruit affiliates to amplify the reach of ransomware on a global scale.

With a qualified cyber security provider in New York, you can get reliable safeguards against such attacks on your infrastructure.

The solutions in our toolbox include threat-specific measures to block particular threats, such as the Jokeroo threat, from infecting your network nodes.

Here are additional steps that we will facilitate to keep your computing environment free from such threats:

Running Regular Backups of Critical Data

In the event of an attack, the threat encrypts your data and blocks you from accessing it. Without an accessible copy of your data, paying the ransom might be your only option.

However, you’ll be free from such an outcome when you embark on systemic and regular backups.

With a cyber security provider, you can leverage cloud storage fully by deploying a diversified backup strategy that eliminates a single point of failure.

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As a result, you’ll have several redundant copies of your data in the cloud, portable media such as onsite HDDs and offsite storage in a different location.

In addition, we will put in place strict data access policies to limit read and write permissions so that your data can’t be corrupted. Plus, we’ll provide you with an integrity check after data back to verify its accessibility.

Software Updates and Patches

Cyber hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities such as outdated software, missing patches and code bugs to introduce malware. This makes it vital to have all of your software applications, including the browser, operating system, anti-virus program, and add-ons such as Adobe Flash Player and Java up to date.

Although doing so seems insignificant, a delayed update is all it takes for a hacker to find the chance to launch a cyber attack. Luckily, our team is meticulous with system maintenance and updates and will help you keep all systems secure with regular and timely updates.

Deploy IP Blocking for Suspicious Sources

Tor IP addresses are the leading source of cyber attacks, and their gateways are exploited by malicious actors to run command and control attacks. Blocking these connections implies a significant boost in protecting your organization against cyber perils.

If you need a cyber security provider in New York, choose Total Technology Solutions, We specialize in providing cyber security solutions to help businesses defend against cyber attacks. Contact us now to learn more.

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