February 16

Why Non-Profit and Non-Government Organizations Need Cyber Security Solutions on Long Island

Investing in cyber security services on Long Island is essential for non-profit and non-government organizations. Cyber-attacks can be wide-ranging, whether it’s hackers gaining access to a confidential database or a ransomware attack holding your information hostage. Understanding how to stay proactive against these threats is critical in keeping your organization safe.

Here are a few tips to consider to strengthen your business’ cybersecurity:

Conduct a Cybersecurity Audit

One of the first steps in keeping your information much safer is to conduct a cybersecurity audit. A managed security service provider (MSSP) can perform these audits to identify any potential vulnerabilities within your network or IT infrastructure. These audits offer valuable information to help your IT team to develop a plan to address any concerns to limit the chance of a successful cyber attack.

Invest in IT Security Training for Employees

Another way to reduce the chance of a cybersecurity incident is to invest in IT training classes for employees. Keeping employees informed on the latest cyber threats is a great way to stay proactive and limit the chance of employee errors. Cybercrimes are always evolving, and conducting regular IT security training is essential in staying up to date with these evolving schemes.

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Develop a Strong Password Policy

Many employees use simple passwords due to convenience. However, these passwords are easy for hackers to guess with the help of technology. Creating a strong password policy is essential in reducing these threats. It helps for your employees to use a password manager so they can create strong passwords and only need to remember the master passcode to access each account.

Limit Employee Access

Another way to improve your business’ cyber security on Long Island is to limit employee access to sensitive information. Practicing the principle of least privilege reduces the chance of a data breach by only allowing specific employees access to critical data. You can partner with a managed IT service provider to help you ensure only needed employees have access to your data to maximize IT security.

Closing Thoughts

IT security incidents will continue to pose significant risks against non-profit organizations. Choosing to partner with a managed security service provider is a great way to stay proactive against these ever-evolving threats. Total Technology Solutions offers cyber security services for businesses on Long Island. Our IT team is always available to answer your questions and discuss the cyber security solution(s) your business needs.

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