May 10

Why Let Tech Experts Handle Your Business’s Cyber Security

Many businesses outsource their cyber security needs from IT experts to ensure the safest possible online conditions, especially for remote work. The pandemic has overshadowed many other social concerns including the need to protect against hackers. Even after the pandemic ends, it’s likely businesses will continue to work with experts who keep up with the latest technology for blocking unwanted visitors on your network.

Why Remote Work Raises Risks

Paying attention to cyber security should be a priority for everyone on your staff. Since criminals are constantly finding new methods to penetrate businesses, it’s crucial to let experts handle the task of monitoring your network. The solutions to blocking hackers keep evolving, so you need the help of technicians who keep up with these developments.

The reason remote work poses increased security risks is that it adds multiple endpoints to a network that can be breached. Different workers use different devices with a mix of operating systems and security solutions. Any point in the system where there’s interactivity, the connection can be compromised. So it’s important to set policies on personal devices that connect with the network and how they can be used.

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Minimizing Odds of a Data Breach

The key to reducing the chances of a security breach is to apply multiple safeguards that include hardware, software, and proactive practices. Investing in new technology will be extremely helpful for various industries that tap into large markets. One fact to keep in mind is the older technology gets, the more vulnerable it becomes to hackers. Legacy systems typically have expired support, making it difficult to service them. In addition to investing in technology such as 24/7 monitoring software, it’s advantageous for a business to work with IT experts who are curious about the latest cyber threats. These experts can analyze your infrastructure and point out vulnerabilities that should be fixed or replaced. They can further provide your staff with advice on how to avoid emails that unleash malware and ransomware.

How IT Cuts Costs While Increasing Efficiency

When you outsource to an IT consultant, you gain access to deep knowledge that can make your operation more efficient. Doing more work faster with less people using automation has become a concern for businesses looking to tighten budgets. Working with an experienced IT team will help your operation maintain business continuity and introduce appropriate new technology.


One of the technology challenges in the future will be meeting the need for millions more skilled specialists to manage cyber threats. Be aware, cyber security is best handled by experienced professionals. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about reducing online risks and maximizing the potential for business productivity.

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