November 16

Why It Pays to Work with Cyber Security Experts

Businesses of all sizes must be prepared to fight hackers, which can be achieved by surrounding yourself with cyber security experts. Law firms, healthcare organizations and other businesses that store valuable personal information are prime targets for hackers. Here are reasons why outsourcing to an experienced IT team can defend your network against advanced criminals.

Keys to Protection Against Hackers

Law firms and other targets must protect their digital assets to avoid breaches in which hackers steal and sell financial data to other criminals. They may also seek valuable trade secrets. The first step in crafting a strong defense is to understand the dangers involved with transmitting confidential data through even private networks.

Work with IT Experts

By outsourcing to a team of seasoned IT experts, you’ll have robust cyber security that limits the opportunities for hackers to invade your network. Working with a team that stays on top of the latest technology is part of the strategy to reducing online risks. You’ll have access to experts whenever you need them to answer your questions or to troubleshoot problems.

Your IT team can make your staff more aware of the dangers involving cybercrime by providing guidance on how to avoid falling into social engineering traps set by hackers. The team can further prepare your business how to respond to a security breach, which can happen to even the most well-protected operations.

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Set a Security Policy

A top concern of your IT team is to ensure your network is free of vulnerabilities that can be easily exploited by hackers. You’ll get advice such as maintaining strong unique passwords, avoiding opening unsolicited attachments or links, and sharing Wi-Fi access policies with the staff. Technicians can enforce your policies to ensure only individuals with the proper credentials are able to sign on to your network.

Establishing a security policy is a major key to keeping your data well protected. It should be published and circulated to all staff members. The policy should not only define who has access to certain network segments, but also a list of specific devices allowed to sign on to the network from remote locations. One way IT experts can enforce your policy is through 24/7 network monitoring software that triggers alerts when unwanted visitors appear on your network.


Developing effective layers of cyber security should be a priority of all modern businesses, even those that use private networks. Law firms particularly must use the best security available to avoid data breaches. Working with an experienced talent pool of technicians helps reduce risks of breaches. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about keeping your network safe.

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