October 26

Why Getting IT Support Matters When You Merge with Another Business on Long Island

Can you imagine how risky it would be for a local business full of computers to not have IT support on Long Island? An even greater risk would exist if that high-risk company decided to merge with another computer-based firm that had no IT support. Mix in a lack of due diligence and it’s a recipe for a nightmarish monster more than a meaningful merger.

Mergers Require Risk Assessment

Before you even discuss a merger with another enterprise, make sure you have a reliable IT team in place to ensure your network is free of bugs. IT experts can audit your digital infrastructure and then point out and resolve vulnerabilities. Once you are confident you have a well-designed network, you can move on to other risk assessment issues involving mergers.

The main reason for hiring an experienced IT support team on Long Island is so that you let technical experts handle IT issues. It’s no secret anymore that letting inexperienced employees experiment with IT management can have unpredictable and sometimes disastrous results.

You really have to leave IT management up to people who understand the complexities associated with constantly changing technology involving internet networks and computing devices. Experimental tech support with people who don’t have in-depth IT knowledge and skills tends to be more costly than expected.

What Risk Assessment Should Include

Your IT consultant should provide you with a periodic risk assessment report that identifies risks associated with your operation on Long Island. Every business potentially faces risks involving theft, accidents and pollutants, on top of cybersecurity issues.

An effective risk assessment lists how to respond to events that threaten to disrupt your business. The report should prioritize risks by their severity and follow industry standards shaped by NIST SP800-30 guidance.


Mergers can make two companies stronger with the help of IT support providers on Long Island. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions for more information on hiring reputable and reliable IT consultants to make your business more valuable to other companies.

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