January 9

Here’s Why Facilitating Data Recovery in Long Island is Best Done Through Professionals

Data recovery in Long Island is fundamental for businesses today and there are a number of reasons why. Today’s operational environment is increasingly beset with underhanded cybercriminal activity. A lot more hackers than you may realize aim their malware at unsuspecting small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). So if you’re in the 43% of smaller corporations targeted, you need some type of data recovery solution for when that worst-case scenario knocks all your other protection provisions out of commission. Consider these variables:

  • Malware
  • Downtime
  • Business Continuity
  • Inoperable Equipment


You’re a lot less likely to see a tornado, hurricane, wind-storm, blizzard, or earthquake knock your network out of commission. You’re a lot more likely to see malware sneak in on the coattails of some employee’s email and infect everything. Phishing scams have become increasingly pernicious today and they don’t just backhand you with poor functionality, crashes, and spyware anymore. These days, the culprit you’ve got to watch out for is ransomware. Ransomware can hold your entire system hostage and delete the files if you don’t pay. But if you’ve got the right data recovery in Long Island, you can simply wipe and reboot without any loss of information or assets.


You’re going to have downtime, period. Your question isn’t “if;” it’s “when” and it’s followed by “how much.” When you’ve got a data recovery solution coupled to a well-designed business continuity plan, you can substantively diminish downtime losses related to unexpected disaster situations. Reduced downtime equates to increased operational capital. Consider this scenario: through the right business continuity solution as perpetuated by the right MSP, you’re able to cut out four downtime hours per month from your operational cost, or 48 per year. Now, a downtime hour is probably going to be worth— even for small businesses— much more than $100 an hour. One thousand dollars per hour is conservative for many small businesses. So, knocking 48 hours’ downtime from your business annually saves you more than $48k a year.

Business Continuity

You’ve got to think about business continuity at a strategic level. You need to know what data is most important, how to protect that data in regular operations, and how to recover that data should all else fail. Additionally, you need to know how long data recovery will take, and you need to have a backup system available should that become necessary. Cloud computing can be instrumental here, as through this innovation, automatic continuous backup is possible and data mirroring allows you to float a reflection of your network on the cloud while the primary system is fixed.

Inoperable Equipment

You’ve got to test your systems regularly to ensure they work. Technology breaks down like anything else. Dust, insects, earthquakes, etc.— you can’t tell what’s going to compromise your backup data solution. So, you’ve got to test it regularly to make sure it works.

Finding Secure Solutions

Data recovery in Long Island provided through Total Technology Solutions can help you maintain equipment and business continuity, reduce downtime, and rebuff malware. Contact us for technology solutions that can keep your business operational even in the wake of disaster.

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