February 26

Why Cyber Security Experts in New York Recommend MFA

MFA Explained

Cyber security experts in New York recommend Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for a variety of reasons; chief among them cost-reduction and security enablement. Additionally, proper MFA can help your business maintain compliance. Essentially, MFA uses multiple devices or access points to “verify” the credentials of a user seeking network access.

MFA Best Practices

You can initiate MFA; but if you don’t exercise best practices in its management, it’s not likely to be as successful as it could be. To help you maximize MFA efficiency, cyber security experts in New York advise the following tips:

  • Assure Strong Passwords Are Used Throughout Your Network
  • Phrases in Shorthand Can Be Great Passwords
  • Customize Passwords Geographically

Assure Strong Passwords Are Used Throughout Your Network

Security specialists advise unique passwords that include capitals, numbers, special characters, and regular update.

Don’t use passwords like: “OpenS3same” or “Th1s1Zth3Pa$$word”. Brute force hacking can instantaneously run statistically common passwords and password phrases to force access.

MFA helps safeguard against this through at least two means of identity validation (this is why it’s often called 2FA–2 Factor Authentication). However, if both have bad passwords, you’re hassling the cybercriminal, not stopping him; and wasting resources on a defunct security measure to boot.

Phrases in Shorthand Can Be Great Passwords

IT experts do advise supplementing MFA with password phrases. As mentioned above, don’t use passwords that are predictable, but a phrase like “Lyf3liber-T&Ha-P” could be easy to remember, and quite effective.

Customize Passwords Geographically

Another good MFA password creation method involves geographically-designed passwords. If you’ve got four locations, you might use a compass to designate passwords.

For example, “NrthWrkplc@1ph@”, or “LAsth15”. You might design such passwords to complement one another so signing on through MFA infrastructure isn’t so complex.

Effectively Incorporating MFA

At Total Technology Solutions, our cyber security experts can help your New York business most effectively customize passwords and secure options that help you maximize MFA effectiveness. MFA is a key means of securing any business, but you’ve still got to make strong passwords. Contact us now for more information.

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