January 27

Why You Should Consider Having IT Support in Long Island

Having IT support in Long Island is essential in helping you achieve the highest level of effectiveness in terms of tech operations at the lowest cost. You’ll probably want to work with an IT consulting in Long Island to get the balance right. Just as a consideration: an internal server array with the staff to support it can cost $100k+ over the course of a year. Even at $3k a month, managed services would be $36k, or a little over a third of that cost.

These numbers will differ per business, but you get the idea: going the outsourced route can truly save you. And it’s not just in terms of money. If you’re operating things internally, that means you must exercise total management.

Upgrading will be dependent upon your budget. Meanwhile, tech agencies make it their core prerogative to remain cutting edge in terms of security and innovations. Unless your business can afford to do that, you’re going to find less bang for your internally spent buck. Additional advantages of having tech support include:

Security Enhancement

IT support providers in Long Island serve diverse clients who have more vulnerabilities than you do, as well as similarly-situated clients that are–to an MSP–visible in an exterior way. This means they can catch things you can’t. Additionally, they must remain cutting-edge for competitive effectiveness, meaning you’ll get newer solutions quicker.

More Effective Cloud Migration

An IT consulting in Long Island can help you sequence migration or totally effect it as best fits your business. Cloud computing cuts cost for most; working with MSPs helps you maximize savings.

Better Utilization of Your Time

Instead of reinventing the wheel, acquiring tech solutions from MSPs can help you stay ahead of competitors and secure operations at lower cost, ultimately saving time.

Total Technology Solutions is an IT support provider in Long Island that can help you maximize your time, more effectively facilitate cloud migration and substantively enhance security. Contact us now for more information.

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