April 20

Why Your Business Needs to Conduct Cyber Security Audits

Cyber security is becoming a necessity in today’s digital world, given the increased cases of cyber-attacks and data breaches. If you are not aware of the vulnerabilities and security loopholes in your business system, it may be hard to save it from any form of attack. Conducting a security audit will help to determine if your confidential data is protected or not.
The following are reasons why your business should conduct security audits:

Detect Problematic Areas and Vulnerable Points

Your business’s information technology system covers many elements such as data, software, hardware, and procedures. By focusing on access controls, operating systems, network vulnerability, and security measures, a security audit can help identify potentially vulnerable areas in your IT system. The audit can trace past security incidents and pinpoint weak points. It may also check your software and hardware tools’ configuration and establish if they are functioning properly. All these audit activities and procedures are crucial in identifying risks and vulnerabilities that can threaten the business so that appropriate controls are put in place.

Measure the Efficacy of Operations

Efficiency is critical if you are incorporating technology in your business operations. But how will you know the effectiveness of your technological operations if you don’t perform an in-depth audit? One of the factors that present a cyber security threat is reliance on outdated technology. Old and non-operational software, hardware, practices, and policies can leave your business exposed to new threats and vulnerabilities. A security audit will help to identify technological components that are not measuring up to new challenges and those that need to be upgraded to enhance your IT systems’ security.

Assess Compliance to Security Standards

Your business needs to be compliant with data protection laws and regulations. Compliance helps you minimize data breach incidences, avoid criminal and civil penalties, and protect your business reputation. When an audit is performed, a business can detect security flaws and take necessary actions to ensure its IT systems meet the threshold for collection, handling, usage, transmission, retention, and obliteration of sensitive data. Assessing compliance to security standards helps an entity to ascertain its security status and ensure that all the security programs, measures, and controls are up to date and in line with the regulatory standards.


Cyber attacks are wreaking havoc, causing substantial damage to businesses such as data, monetary and reputational losses. But a security audit can mitigate these losses by helping to assess the efficiency of technological operations, potential vulnerabilities, and status of compliance to data protection and security laws. Working with Total Technology Solutions will ensure your business gets the professional help it needs to undertake a comprehensive cyber security audit. For more information, contact us!

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