June 23

What You Need to Know About Managed Services SLAs for Your IT Support on Long Island

No two managed services level agreements (SLAs) are exactly the same. While many tech services providers will use the language in these agreements to take advantage of clients, our IT support company on Long Island do the exact opposite. We are here to help you understand managed services SLAs and get the most out of the services provided to your business. Here’s a quick look at the purpose of SLAs and what should be included within the contract.

The Basics of SLAs

SLAs between your IT support provider on Long Island and your business detail the payment structure along with each party’s service responsibilities to identify the IT services to be provided for your Long Island business. This agreement also highlights the software and hardware covered, troubleshooting amidst emergencies, ongoing monitoring, timeliness of responses, and plenty more.

Though SLAs are somewhat unique, there are overarching themes amongst them as detailed below. Some SLAs have information pertaining to information concerning liability protection. Other SLAs include information about performance standards and other highly specific services.

SLA Essentials

The managed services provider (MSP) writes the SLA for the client’s review. In most cases, the SLA will be fairly similar, regardless of the client. However, the language can be altered to suit each company’s unique needs and goals. Above all, the SLA should detail the MSP’s services. The SLA should also detail the manner in which problems are managed.

The MSP services should be fleshed out in the agreement in regard to the type of services provided as well as the frequency at which they are offered, whether it is on a daily basis, every quarter, monthly, etc. Furthermore, systematic tasks to be implemented with regularity, be it software updates or monitoring security, should also be detailed.

MSP Availability Must be Detailed in the SLA

The SLA must also touch on the availability of the MSP. If the MSP is to provide services at certain intervals, be it every week, daily or monthly, it must be explained in the SLA. This way, if problems arise at specific times, they will be tended to by your IT service provider in accordance with what is stated in the SLA.

Total Technology Solutions is Your Trustworthy MSP

Our IT support team on Long Island has you covered in terms of managed services SLA details. Instead of taking advantage of you like other tech services providers, we tailor our services and agreements to your unique needs. Contact us now to learn more about our IT services.

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