October 27

What IT Consulting Services in Long Island Will Provide You the Best Backup and Disaster Recovery?

IT consulting experts in Long Island will often stress the importance of backup and disaster recovery (BDR). The best possible security is incapable of preventing all data breaches.

As disasters hit corporations, new security measures develop. BDR is the “lifeboat” of your data “ship”— and you want good lifeboats. Look for a provider of IT support in Long Island which offer these services:

Identification and Prioritization of Systems, Threats, and Assets

IT consulting experts in Long Island should help identify which threats are most likely to impact you and protect against those directly. Similarly, the right MSP will help identify which systems and assets require the most protection and help you comprehensively back them up regularly. If you can find backup options that are essentially continuous and have impact on regular operations that is minimal, this is desirable.

Combinations of BDR Solutions Which Match the Needs of Your Operation

IT support providers in Long Island should be able to help institute multiple backups. There’s a rule called the “3-2-1” rule of data backup. Essentially, you have three separate backups on at least two different types of media, one of which is located off-site. Different operations have different backup methodologies that suit them better or worse, you want an MSP who is flexible enough to work with you in securely redundant options.

Clear Testing Protocols and The Potential to Update BDR Paradigms as Tech Develops

When you’ve got something put together, it must be tested accurately. MSPs can do this more effectively than most internal tech teams, and you’ll save time. But that’s not all— computers are becoming decentralized owing to cloud computing, and the BDR paradigms of today may very well not be those of tomorrow— you want flexible solutions that can transition with the times. The right MSP will provide these.

Reliable BDR

IT consulting in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can help you determine what sort of BDR you need. You’ll get guidance in testing, combinations, application, and access to consultation regarding assets, systems, and threats which should be prioritized. Contact us for more information.

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