November 12

What Every Small Business Should Know About Cyber Security on Long Island

Small businesses are the lifeblood of the United States. Data is essential to the success of just about every small business, regardless of its unique industry. This is precisely why it is so important to protect your data with the assistance of cyber security experts on Long Island. Here is a quick look at what small business owners/managers should know about cybersecurity.

Cyber-attacks Stem from Different Sources

There is a common misconception that cyber-attacks are conducted by outsiders. However, some small business employees are responsible for some cyber-attacks. Certain attacks are overt while others are covert. In fact, some cyber threats are the result of internal employees being asked to do more tech work than they are qualified to handle. Your employees should be your company’s first line of defense, yet the sad truth is when too much is expected of an employee without the proper training, there is a much greater chance of a critical err that stifles productivity for an extended period of time.

Train Your Employees Properly

Cybersecurity will prove that much easier if those beyond IT understand the basics of preventing infiltrations and safeguarding valuable data. Every single employee should pass through a cybersecurity component during the onboarding process. Our cyber security team on Long Island is here to provide digital security training for your new hires as well as your current employees. We will help your team sidestep digital traps and respond in the appropriate manner should a cyber-attack occur.

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Passwords Matter

Strong passwords are essential to prevent a digital infiltration. Instead of simply letting your team enter their usual password to access the company system, opt for two-factor authentication. This way, merely stealing an employee’s password will not allow a digital miscreant to access the system. Two-factor authentication forces the user to prove his or her identity in a second manner prior to accessing the system.

Zero in on Mobile Security

If you have not taken a look at your mobile security protocols and safeguards, it is time to do so now. Mobile devices should be just as secure as servers and endpoints. Unfortunately, there has been a considerable increase in the number of mobile Trojans specifically created to breach smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Encryption will certainly help. Furthermore, a BYOD policy should be accompanied by a series of rules and protocols for employees to follow so data does not end up in the wrong hands.


The moral of the story is cybersecurity matters a great deal to businesses of all sizes and niches. At Total Technology Solutions, our cyber security experts on Long Island are here to bolster your digital security so your operations can operate without impediment. Contact us to learn more.

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