September 26

What Are the Roles of an IT Worker?

Everybody’s got an idea of what tech workers do, and for the most part, those perceptions differ from the reality. Following, we’ll look into what tech workers actually do to give you an idea what working such a job full-time would look like.

Tech Employment Activity Segues from Job Duties

Someone who designs a software app will be providing different services than someone who troubleshoots an existing network, even though both are IT employees. This is because, like any discipline, IT employment can be categorized by duty and application of services. A CEO doesn’t do maintenance work, though both work at the same company. Well, the leader of an IT division doesn’t commonly get involved in adding RFID tags to hardware, but he might manage how the project is designed and its implementation. With that in mind, here are the three main areas of IT where you’ll likely end up working if you go this route:

1. Overall Functionality

Tech functionality is the part of IT that’s most visible. Applications are made and maintained through best practices in IT functionality management. If you’re in this area of IT, you’ll secure company data that is electronic, and you’ll likely develop it as well. If you’re in this area of IT, you might be coding apps.

2. Tech Governance

Tech governance is where IT security people tend to find their cruising altitude. These are the security enforcers of on-site software employees use daily. Beyond securing associated operational devices, those in this area of IT also have a vested interest in the “purpose” foundational to such software, which can have an infrastructural application. Tech governance pros specialize in network, hardware, circuitry, and associated info; but specifically as regards security.

3. IT Infrastructure

Software use and data management is infrastructural in a tech sense. Tech pros in this area cover hardware and software applications, rather than strictly those one or the other Data network functionality may be a responsibility of IT infrastructure personnel.

Think of them as the “engineering” division of the U.S.S. Enterprise. These are those keeping the “engine” of your IT “ship” running swiftly and securely. As Scotty on The Enterprise had to let officers on the bridge know they were pushing propulsion infrastructure too far, so this area of IT helps influence day-to-day operations.

Exploring Guidance from Known Tech Professionals

Opportunities can help you find your “stride” in areas of tech governance, functionality, or infrastructure. At minimum, we can give you an idea of what’s out there in the present market, and what will be needed for you to start a successful career in IT. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more.

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