August 23

Ways to Ensure Your Remote Employees Follow Cybersecurity Policies | IT Support on Long Island

In this day and age, many people work from home or remotely. This means that your company’s network could be exposed to several risks that could jeopardize your company’s data and IT infrastructure. IT support experts on Long Island can help ensure that your employees follow the right protocols regarding cybersecurity policy compliance.

What are the challenges for cybersecurity compliance with remote workers?

The main challenge for security compliance is the lack of visibility. With remote workers, you don’t have direct control over what they do on their computers and how they use their devices. You also don’t know if they are following company policies or not. To make matters worse, some employees may be less security conscious than others and could be more vulnerable to phishing attacks or malware infections.

Tips to Ensure Compliance

Train your employees
Train all employees on the policies and how they will be followed. Training should include what is considered a breach, what not to send over email, and how to report incidents appropriately.

Have a clear policy in place
Have a written company cybersecurity policy outlining your expectations regarding data security and privacy of personal information for all staff members (including contractors).

Make sure this policy is up-to-date with current laws like GDPR so you’re aware of any changes or revisions that may be required (and make sure you follow them). The following are some key areas managed IT support experts on Long Island suggest that should be included in this document:

  • A clear definition of “confidential information” or “personal data,” such as names, addresses, birth dates, social security numbers, etc., will help clarify who needs access to this data while working remotely
  • A list of actions taken upon discovery/reportage of an incident (e.g., breach)
  • A process for dealing with malware infection if one occurs

Business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) adjustments with remote teams

When you’re dealing with a remote team, it’s important to have a business continuity plan in place. IT support experts on Long Island can help you create a BC/DR plan to ensure that your company can continue operating in the event of an emergency or disaster. This could mean anything from a fire at the office building to an act of war that might cripple your industry.
The BC/DR plan should include several things:

  • The scope of what will be included in your BC/DR plan
  • How you’ll test this out regularly so that everyone knows their role when something goes wrong – including testing scenarios where employees are out of town or on vacation
  • A list of backup options for critical equipment like servers, computers, and communications systems


Cybersecurity is a major concern for businesses, as companies of all kinds are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Our IT support team on Long Island can help you ensure the cybersecurity policies of your company are followed by your remote employees. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions for more information.

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