November 25

Ways to Create Effective Data Protection Policies | IT Consulting in Long Island

Backing Up Data Is Fundamental

IT consulting professionals in Long Island always advise backing up data as a core component of your network security strategy. However, it’s not as straightforward as just throwing files on a thumb drive every now and again. Sure, that’s better than nothing; but rebooting can be an issue if you haven’t backed up properly.

Best Practices You Need to Incorporate into Your Data Protection Strategy

Managed services providers (MSPs) in Long Island advise solutions which will be easy to work with, tangible, and properly representative of necessary data. A laptop may be secured through one or two external hard drives and a cloud backup.

Apple devices allow a “time machine” solution that takes an entire image of your hard-drive, and can even be transferred between computers. Options like this for larger networks are worth considering. Regardless of what works best for you, think about these tips:

The Value of Multiple Backups

IT consulting professionals in Long Island can help you look at your data network to determine which sort of off-site backups might make the most sense. Sometimes you don’t need more than a few external hard drives, sometimes data systems are extensive enough that whole server arrays must be “replicated”. Regardless, at least three backups are preferable.

Keep Backups in a Secure Location

Keeping a backup drive exposed to the elements is as bad as not having one. Keeping one so secure it takes a day of running around to get access is also problematic. Backups should be properly secured in tangible locations known to and accessible by the right people.

Practice Recovery Protocols and Test Backups At Intervals

It’s also advisable to run recovery “drills”. It’s important to practice recovering data after a network crash or reboot. Without testing recovery protocols, recovery could take longer and have unexpected issues.

More Reliable Data Solutions

IT consulting experts in Long Island advise to utilize multiple backups, keep them secure, and practice backing up as well as recovering from those solutions. Get in touch with us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about data protection.

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