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The Value of IT Consulting for Future-Proofing Your Business on Long Island

How Audits Reveal Your Next Steps

IT consulting professionals on Long Island will typically advise one of four types of tech audits to future-proof your business. What is future-proofing? Think of it as an armored property in the face of a looming attack from a foreign power, as opposed to a similar property with no armor. Obviously, there’s no way to predict the future. There are ways to prepare for known threats, and varying tech audits tend to be one of the best strategies for such outcomes in terms of IT security.

Four primary audit families define such future-proofing: vulnerability and penetration tests, audits for compliance, and risk assessments. Ideally, you should explore each variety, but that may be overkill depending on your particular situation. Consultants can help you determine which sort of tests are best.

What Varying Security Audits Reveal

Long Island IT support providers can help you explore varying known “pressure points” of your business from an exterior perspective that often reveals things internal audit couldn’t. A few outcomes, advantages, and notable features of audits through such tech companies include:

Confirmation of Efficacy In Staff Training

One thing you’ll want to do is see how your staff use your tech network. Some of them may be doing things they know they shouldn’t, and there could be areas of training that were neglected, leaving open easily “patchable” vulnerabilities.

IT consulting experts on Long Island can show if your team is operating as securely as they were trained, and if, despite this, any additional vulnerabilities in day-to-day network use should be addressed.

Compliance Facilitation and Expense Reduction

Compliance failure is expensive, MSPs (Managed Service Providers) typically operate under some sort of shared liability; meaning if you’re found out of compliance and fined as a corporation or a Small to Medium-Sized Business, so are they.

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This will depend on the level of business relationship the MSP has with your SMB, but what such relationships ultimately mean is that outsourcing compliance tests and finding associated tech companies to manage your operations facilitates better compliance security than would generally be attainable otherwise.

You can get more for less. However, even more notable than that, whether or not you fully sustain an MSP’s services, you can keep yourself from regulatory fines that might impact your operation so penultimately it forces bankruptcy. Compliance infractions are very serious business in today’s tech environment.

Determining Overlaps and Gaps Across Tech Networks

IT consultants can determine if you’re using too much security and overlapping other effective methods, or if you’re totally missing certain areas. This is in a software and hardware capacity, and especially if you’re operating multiple locations, it’s worthwhile to conduct such audits. The larger your IT “footprint”, the more complicated and vulnerable operations are likely to become.

Securing Your Business As Is Possible into the Future

We at Total Technology Solutions can help you determine if you’re operating a network with any gaps or overlaps. The one can be patched, the other curtailed. Additionally, tech audits can help your business retain certain security compliance requirements, and confirm the efficacy of staff training or policies. Altogether, such measures sustain operational security over the long term, effectively “future-proofing” your business. To learn more, contact our IT consulting team on Long Island.

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