July 13

The Value of Cyber Security Solutions for Your Business

Your cyber security strategy should be built around the latest security solutions. Here’s the thing: you’re looking at a moving target. A marksman must “lead” a non-stationary target by aiming not where the target is, but where it will be. It’s just the same with securing your technology.

How to Build Comprehensive Digital Security

The question is, how do you “lead” security? It’s not something that’s immediately straightforward. Different businesses will have different unique needs. Accordingly, many MSPs follow these steps in developing effective, comprehensive security:

Assess Existing IT Risks for Your Business

Initially, you need to know what your risks are as pertain to technology. If you’re running a legal practice, you’ll have different risks and needs than if you’re running something like a department store. Cybercriminals tend to target different businesses with different strategies.

Large corporations tend to be vulnerable to “spear-phishing”, where specific managerial personnel are targeted. Smaller businesses tend to be caught up in more broad attacks aimed at multiple targets. MSPs can help you determine what you’re most vulnerable to.

Develop Strategies Around Your Unique Operational Needs

Your cyber security solution should be built around what your business actually needs. There are definitely diverse security options out there, but some are going to be overkill, and some won’t fit your specific operational needs. Consultation can help assess, as mentioned earlier, and from that assessment, you can develop the right strategies.

Testing, Management, and Implementation of Security Strategies

Once you’ve assessed and strategically planned, your next move is to manage and implement the strategies that develop. You’ve got to test them to be absolutely sure they’re going to work. If you don’t test your new cyber security solutions, you’ll have no way of knowing whether or not these things are properly comprehensive.

Antivirus protocols, firewalls, automatic patching, monitoring of operations externally, “sandboxing” emails so you know they’re benign, and properly training employees at intervals pertaining to the latest tech threats represent fine tactics here.

As new technology is innovated, new threats will develop, and you’ll need new security measures. Accordingly, be sure whatever solution you pursue has enough flexibility to account for this reality.

Tech Security Solutions That Match Your Operational Needs

Total Technology Solutions can help you test, manage, and implement appropriate cyber security security options. Additionally, we can help assess your business to determine what your cyber security needs are, and how best to strategically plan around those specific needs. To learn more about optimal tech security, feel free to contact us.

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