December 20

Using Managed IT Services in Long Island to Secure Your Financial Organization

Managed IT services in Long Island can play an integral part in your financial business’ overall operational security. This becomes something more necessary than it’s ever been, considering the threats which characterize the modern market. Ransomware, malware, adware, social engineering hacks, and other compromising hacking trends have already become a big part of the cyber atmosphere today. It appears that these threats are only expanding. It has been projected that by 2019, cybercrime losses will top $2 trillion. Beyond that, conflicting reports have posited that between $4 and $6 trillion will be lost by 2021. Even if it were only $1 trillion, that’s downright compelling. Following are several things you can do to safeguard your financial firm’s technology solutions:

  • Employee training
  • Email filtering which prohibits spam
  • Proper implementation of modern firewalls
  • Software designed to combat viruses
  • Programs that filter known dangerous websites
  • Management of patches and upgrades
  • Backup and data recovery solutions
  • Requisite password security
  • Encryption of files and email
  • Multi-factor authentication

Beefing Up Security

Backup and data recovery (BDR) is necessary to restore systems when the worst-case scenario arises. Also, managed passwords, email and file encryption, and multi-factor authentication can additionally safeguard employees in a mobile and local sense.

Managed IT services providers in Long Island often use many different areas of security to ensure that clients have been properly protected. While there are many autonomous digital solutions, one of the most important things to do is educate employees. Employees who understand the dangers and are cautious to avoid bad practices are more likely to keep viral intrusion from compromising a given system. Spam, malware, and ransomware often enter through email. While securing emails is a good measure of prevention, it’s just not enough. People operating and interfacing with email must likewise understand proper security procedures.

In addition, you do want email filtering, which prohibits spam. Even beyond emails, you’re going to need firewall protection. You are going to need software which can fight viruses directly through prevention and containment. Then, you’ve got websites which are known to be dangerous, which must be blocked from your network. These can “mask” themselves under URLs which look familiar. You must be very careful if you don’t have such protections in place. As the saying goes, better safe than sorry.

Automatic Updates

One of the best things you can do for your financial firm is institute automatic updates and patches. Have you heard of WannaCry? This virus hit the world in May of 2017 and resulted from a back-door surveillance entry, facilitated by the NSA, and leaked in March of the same year. In just two months, hackers were able to design a worm that exploits SMB ports. It introduced itself to networks without employee error. Over 150 countries were compromised by this virus and the culprits haven’t been caught. Those who had patch solutions weren’t affected, as their systems were fortified against intrusion. Those who did not were affected. Again, the best security requires a combination of both technical solutions and employee education.

Comprehensive Security

Managed IT services in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can help safeguard your financial firm from multiple angles, automatic and proactive. Contact us to secure your financial firm.

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