July 5

Useful Microsoft Team Features IT Consulting Experts Recommend You Use for Your Long Island Business

Take advantage of Microsoft Teams to transform your business operations. As a chat all-star and video conferencing app, Microsoft Teams can potentially help you connect with business colleagues and coworkers in the comfort of your office seat. This chat function makes office communication easy, quick, and convenient, especially at this time of the Covid-19 pandemic. The application also comes loaded with additional features that can help you expand your horizons and grow your business. IT consulting professionals on Long Island will certainly guide you on how to use some of these nifty features as explained below:

Linking You to Document Storage

Besides offering impressive communication channels through chat and video, Microsoft Teams allows you to communicate effectively through business documents you share with others. IT consulting professionals on Long Island can help oversee various documents ranging from spreadsheets to presentations and policies. These professionals will enable you to directly access all stored files on your Sharepoint, One Drive, or any other cloud storage. At the same time, they allow you to automatically store business documents in SharePoint.

Consolidating Your Telephone Calls into a Single Solution

Microsoft Teams presents a full telephone system for you to activate whenever you feel like doing it. The system is designed for you to make internal and external calls possible. Further, the system helps you alleviate “app fatigue” among your employees. Bear in mind that “app fatigue” is a cutting-edge technology overload for employees to complete their daily tasks. Therefore, consolidating your calls into a single solution can potentially provide a great streaming platform for your workers and business in general.

Creating an Integration with Other Applications

A simple click on the “Apps” icon on your Microsoft Teams interface will open a window of new possibilities to interact with different applications. Some of these apps include:

  • Approvals App – When you use the Approval app with Teams, you can easily request approval from groups or individuals for items such as budgets and reports. You can attach these items directly to the Approval app request in teams. In addition, this app allows you to monitor every approval request right from Microsoft Teams.
  • Task Planning – Through Microsoft Teams, you can access task planning applications suck as To Do and Planner. Both apps will enable you to closely monitor the task progress of your team members in one location. They will even help you set up workflow using Power Automate to automatically initiate task assignments.
  • Create Apps – You may use PowerApps to create your own custom apps in Microsoft Teams. This action prevents employees from missing messages and some tasks whenever they switch between apps.

Final Thought

Turn to IT consulting services to modernize your business on Long Island using Microsoft Teams. For more information regarding workplace modernization efforts and how our managed IT services on Long Island can help you, contact us at Total Technology Solutions.

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