October 12

Understanding Windows 10 Privacy and Some of Its Cyber Security Issues

Keeping data safe should be your top concern these days as a wide range of cyber security threats are now on the rise. Understanding how Microsoft collects your data is essential in limiting the chance of a data breach and improving IT security for your company. Always taking the extra time to check out the privacy pages on Microsoft’s website can help you understand the amount of data that is collected each time you use Windows 10 and other Microsoft products.

Here are a few things to remember if you plan on using Windows 10 in the workplace:

Data is Used to Create a Personalized Services

One of the reasons Microsoft collects data is to create a personalized service and better meet the needs of each user. The world of technology is ultra-competitive, as finding ways to personalize their service is a top priority at Microsoft. Data is collected in nearly every application, whether you are using Microsoft Excel or any other software application. Providing a personalized service can save users a lot of time and boost productivity in the workplace.

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Easier to Store Data

Another reason Microsoft collects such a large amount of data is that it makes the storage process easier. For example, Cortana is a Windows 10 assistant that will collect and send your search results to Microsoft while also syncing your information on the cloud. The terms of service for Microsoft gives them the ability to track this information if you use their product at any time. However, the main cyber security concern is that a data breach can expose your information to cybercriminals and cause countless problems for your business.

Data Is Used to Improve Product

Microsoft Windows is always looking at ways to improve their product and gain an edge over their competition. One of the most effective ways to improve their product is to collect a large amount of information from their user base. All of this data can help them identify any bugs and look at various ways to improve their computer system. Ultimately, the primary goal is to provide the best user experience available.

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