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Understanding the Cyber Kill Chain and the Potential for Improved Security | Cyber Security on Long Island

The cyber kill chain helps understand and also predict the stages of any cyberattack. Cyber security professionals on Long Island advise that organizations should implement cyber kill chain to know how hackers perform so they’ll be able to choose the best strategies and tools to limit breaches, respond to in-progress attacks, and also minimize risks.

What is Cyber Kill Chain?

A Cyber kill chain is a method of early detection for an IT network breach. It helps understand how hackers operate, their attack vectors, how the attack works, and why it’s effective. It also helps companies understand how to defend against different attacks. First, a vulnerability analysis is conducted.

The first step is to find out what vulnerabilities exist in the vulnerable systems. These vulnerabilities include weak passwords, security holes, cross-site scripting, and Active Directory security.

What you find out during the vulnerability analysis will help you identify how to fix these vulnerabilities. When hackers detect a weakness on the targeted systems, they’ll come back and try to exploit it, this where penetration testing comes in. If you need help with the process, you can work with cyber security experts on Long Island for accurate assessment and analysis.

Stages in Cyber Kill Chain

Stage 1: Someone tries to hack into your computer.
Stage 2: You suspect someone is trying to hack into your computer.
Stage 3: You confirm that someone has broken into your computer.
Stage 4: Someone uses your computer or networks to carry out an attack.
Stage 5: You are now the victim of a cyber-attack. Based on these stages, a kill chain is implemented with Detect, Deny, Disrupt, Degrade, Deceive and Contain stages.

Benefits of Cyber Kill Chain

Digital threats can cause serious damages to companies. Therefore, it’s important to have a complete understanding of how hackers work, how they target different kinds of networks, and how they prepare to launch an attack. Cyber kill chain complements Man-to-Machine Communications.

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The teams working on digital security often have to deal with the problem of siloed information that is difficult to communicate. A cyber kill chain helps streamline all digital activities and eliminates unnecessary steps. Cyber kill chain can be adapted to any security risk, including cyber-attacks, intellectual property theft, insider threat, and network compromises.

How to Implement Cyber Kill Chain

Cyber threats can be extremely complex, which means a comprehensive set of tools is needed to effectively deal with them. But, don’t worry, there is a simple approach to get you started. It’s really simple and fast.

First, install one of the available free tools. You can set up an auto-responder to be automatically triggered at a specific time and date when you spot a new threat. Next, sign up for alerts, a dashboard, and mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

Finally, identify a potential breach to track from notification to detection. Once you understand what you are up against, the best part is that you can set your company up to defend against attacks.

Developing an effective cyber security plan on Long Island involves adapting to constantly evolving threats. Learning from prior breaches, companies can identify vulnerabilities and then implement appropriate measures. Total Technology Solutions can help you with all cyber security matters. To learn more, contact us today!

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