June 14

Understanding Cloud Backup and Cyber Security in New York

The cloud is here to stay— many business owners already know this, but some of them are hesitant to move to the cloud because of the security risks it entails. There’s no need to worry, though, because a reliable provider of cyber security in New York can help you securely implement cloud backup without compromising sensitive data— all while simultaneously conserving resources.
First and foremost, you don’t have to unveil a total cloud coverage solution all at once. You can do it sequentially— this is essential if you’re a larger organization. On that note, many bigger companies are specifically leery of the cloud for reasons related to proprietary data.
Take KFC or Coca-Cola as a hypothetical example. Both have proprietary flavor “formulas” that are securely guarded with the highest secrecy. Obviously, neither company would put that information on the cloud. However, how much data does such information take up? Twenty-three herbs and spices… what’s that, 35/1000s of a kilobyte? (One character, like the letter “a,” is equivalent to a byte.)
You don’t really need the cloud for that information. Meanwhile, passwords, infrastructural data, employee information, etc. all benefit from being backed up on the cloud. Since this information isn’t strictly integral to a business’ core informational security, the cloud would pose no threat.

Advantages of Having a Little Help

Now, let’s look at your own organization. What kind of information is so proprietary that you wouldn’t trust it to the cloud? How much information is of this kind? Is it enough that you really need a server’s worth of space and processing to maintain, or is it something you can fit in a 1 TB hard drive?
It will be different for different businesses, but if you’re a big organization with lots of sensitive data, a reliable expert can go about backing up other operational areas that surround that data. You can use an internal private cloud solution to host it for further savings and processing potential.
Something else that is considerable in terms of cyber security in New York through a professional is experience. Companies providing cloud support solutions are going to deal with diverse security from a bevy of clients who have needs similar to and wildly unique from yours. This means they’ll have more information in terms of security than any internal IT team you’ve put together can. Remember, your internal IT guys are focused on maintaining core operations, not remaining on the cutting-edge of technical trends. Meanwhile, experts in this field have a core operation that circulates around these very tech developments. This means they not only bring more experience to the table, but it’s more recent as well. In this way, cloud providers often do a better job of security provision than the clients themselves can, making proprietary information security fears more theoretical than applicable.

Upgrading Security

To sum it up, some of the reasons to consider using cloud backup security options are:

  • Increased professionalism and experience
  • Hybrid/private solutions as needed
  • Gradual transition for greatest cost-effectiveness

Getting help from experts like Total Technology Solutions can be beneficial to your business’ cyber security in New York. Contact us for security solutions that will provide you with greater protections than you’re likely to be able to source internally.

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