August 27

Trojan Malware Being Offered for Free on the Dark Web

It was recently unveiled that a new version of the existing NanoCore Remote Access Trojan (RAT) malware is being shared for FREE on a dark web forum. Because it is free and reportedly easy to use, it could cause a spike in hacking attacks.

It was reported that this malware has the power to attack Windows systems by:

  • Stealing passwords
  • Performing keylogging that records a user’s keystrokes
  • Secretly recording audio and video footage using the system’s webcam
  • Remotely shutting down and/or restarting the system
  • Remotely controlling the mouse, opening web pages, and exploiting the system for the criminal purpose of stealing information including passwords and payment details

This malware is largely distributed via email phishing attacks with enticing attachments or links that are designed to provoke victims to click them.

What Can Businesses Do for Protection?

You may have heard this before…Cybersecurity is a people problem. In addition to running the latest software updates and ensuring systems are patched, it is extremely important that your staff has Cybersecurity Awareness Training. Being informed of common social engineering schemes and email phishing scams is the first step to protecting your business. But it doesn’t end there. Ensuring a business continuity solution is in place as well as performing routine vulnerability scanning and penetration testing are also extremely important steps for your protection.

Learn more about Total’s Layered Defense cybersecurity offering, a comprehensive solution that integrates overlapping layers of security into an effective cyber shield.

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