June 11

Training Employees to Avoid Cyber Security Vulnerabilities in New York

Cyber security in New York is a matter that all businesses should take into account. It is a good thing to have effective communication with your employees. However, this is not enough if they are doing unsafe emailing and messaging. It is best to take precautionary measures for cyber security through employee training, especially during the W-2 phishing season.
Cybercriminals are always devising new ways to take advantage of unsuspecting employees. Mostly, they use phishing, where they send fraudulent emails that trick employees into submitting confidential information with which they can do significant financial damages. The email will be designed to appear as if it is from a reputable source.
Of course, phishing scams are nothing new; but you need the right security services to avoid falling victim of the same. This is more so during the tax season when hackers will mainly be targeting the W-2 data of employees. The hackers use social engineering campaigns by sending phishing emails to employees. You must train your employees to spot a phishing email from a distance.

How Can You Tell That It Is W-2 Phishing Email?

It is possible to avoid falling victim of a phishing email if you know how to spot one. Here are some features to help you identify a phishing email:

  • Source – the email will usually be from the top management, such that the employee will not want to ignore or question. It will even have the signature of the executive.
  • Demands – the email will have some demands or request the recipient to submit certain information.
  • Urgency – the email will create some form of urgency so that the employee does not have time to confirm the request.

Once the cybercriminal has the information, hacking begins. That’s why cyber security services in New York are vital for all businesses. Remember that a phishing attack targets the user; this is the more reason why you need to train your employees concerning cyber security.

Precautionary Measures against Phishing

Always educate employees on the precautionary measures to be safe. Inform them the following:

  • Do not give out private information. If you have to, first confirm the authenticity of such a request by making an actual phone call or presenting yourself in person.
  • Do not click on a link unless you confirm where it is leading by hovering over it using your mouse.
  • Do not be quick to email attachments. If it is from someone you know, call him or her and confirm.

Employee training is an effective method in maintaining cyber security in New York. To learn more about phishing, contact us at Total Technology Solutions.

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