August 29

Train Your Staff in Security with IT Support in Long Island

IT support companies in Long Island are as aware as almost any business these days that cybercrime is all around us and could strike at any time. Don’t think that just because you aren’t a household name that hackers wouldn’t target you, as often they will specifically try to infiltrate a smaller business because they think that their security measures will not be as strong. Unfortunately, in a lot of cases this is true, so make sure you train your staff to be security-aware so that you aren’t the next statistic.

Phishing Emails

When training your staff, it is important to let them know what to look out for when it comes to phishing emails. These could look like they come from valid companies or even internal staff members, and they need to be aware of how to deal with them. If an email arrives with an attachment or link, it must not be clicked on unless the employee knows categorically that the mail has come from a trusted contact. Many hackers change the ‘From’ field to make it look as if it has originated from an alternative address, but hovering over it will give the actual source. This should be the first step, but it is also important to double-check with the assumed sender if any financial information is included or requested.

Other Important Security Topics

While training your staff, IT support firms in Long Island also recommend repeating other important issues which undoubtedly will have been mentioned but are easy to forget. For example, passwords should be hard to guess and changed frequently. It is also important that anything used in a work environment is not used elsewhere for either social media or any personal logins, as security is only as strong as its weakest link. If one of the other sites has an inferior security setup and the passwords are stolen, it will be easy to enter your systems however good your protection is. Documents should always be kept secure in and out of the office, and that includes shredding them if necessary. Work with your staff so that you can all be protected from security breaches.
If you are worried that your company may not be as secure as you were hoping, getting in touch with an IT support company in Long Island should be your first step. We at Total Technology Solutions can help you make sure all your technology is secure and your staff is aware of the dangers of lax security. Contact us today and our IT experts will be on hand to let you know how we can help.

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