June 4

Total’s New Hires Featured In Newsday.

In 2014, Total Technology Solutions decided more is better. Since then we have not only expanded our services, but have also recruited talented individuals to support the development of Total as a whole. James Tauer, Jon Berlin, and Kristy Remis deliver a diverse range of skills that complement and advance Total Technology Solutions as a leading IT solution provider.

Recently, our new hires has been featured online and in print by Newsday and numerous local publications on Long Island.

James Tauer

“A Microsoft Certified Professional and Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist, Mr. Tauer brings some 17 years of IT expertise to Total Technology Solutions as IT Consultant. A Suffolk Community College graduate, his industry knowledge and liaison skills greatly strengthen Total Technology Solutions’ core IT offerings. Prior to joining Total Technology Solutions, Mr. Tauer worked as Virtual Chief Informational Officer for CHIPS Technology Group in Syosset, NY.”


Jon Berlin

“Also joining Total Technology Solutions as IT Consultant is Mr. Berlin. An independent consultant for 20 years, Mr. Berlin leverages his industry expertise and IT involvement in support of organizational goals in vertical marketplaces. A NYIT graduate, Mr. Berlin was previously a consultant with Minnesota-based Restaurant Technology, Inc.”


Kristy Remis

“Ms. Remis is Total Technology Solutions’ new Administrative Assistant, in which she is responsible for supporting the company’s Director of Finance with accounting and coordination of community events. A graduate of Farmingdale State College, Ms. Remis was most recently employed with international retailer T.J. Maxx.”


Total has remained in business for over 27 years by supporting its technology through hiring individuals who not only have the technical experience to excel but also the characteristics to fuel the culture of success within Total Technology Solutions.

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