April 20

Top Network Management Mistakes Our IT support Team on Long Island Can Help Prevent

There is no guarantee your company’s network will function as expected. However, if you tap into the services of our IT support team on Long Island, your network will stand a much better chance of functioning in accordance with your business’s nuanced needs. There is no shame in leaning on the experts to administer configurations as well as modifications to network hardware. We will also help pinpoint performance and security issues. Let’s take a look at the most common network management issues and how to prevent them from compromising your business.

The Failure to Set Access Controls

Your business undoubtedly stores its fair share of valuable information on internal storage systems accessible by way of the network. Fail to establish control regulations and data will prove accessible to unauthorized parties. If your company permits external users to obtain data/files from infrastructure to local computers, access must be addressed. Furthermore, it is prudent to establish access regulations based on specific employee roles to guarantee only authorized access is obtained. Our IT services team in Long Island is here to help implement such regulations.

The Misconfiguration of Network Devices

When new hardware is added to the network, it must be properly configured for optimal compatibility with the remainder of the system. If network devices are not properly configured, they will not be able to communicate with one another nor will they be able to transmit data to network management solutions as necessary.

Not Addressing the Network Device Logs

Every network device creates logs with valuable data accessed by network management teams. If your business does not collect or analyze the logs, you are not clued into potentially important insights in regard to the manner in which the network and devices are functioning. The majority of network performance management tools perform the following:

  • Analyze network event logs, ensuring administrators can properly troubleshoot device problems
  • Study historical events
  • Monitor user behavior

However, these tools are not always self-explanatory. Our IT support team on Long Island will lend essential assistance that helps you make the most of your tech investment.

Failing to Anticipate Alterations to the Network

Every business gradually implements new technologies as well as services, the majority of which are reliant upon the network for functionality. The network management plan must anticipate such alterations and additions to the network for proper scaling across posterity.

At Total Technology Solutions, our IT support team on Long Island will help you avoid the network management mistakes listed above as well as other tech pitfalls. Put your faith in our network management specialists, and your team will enjoy smooth digital sailing. Contact us now to learn more about our tech services.

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