March 22

Top Hacks of the Year 2020 as Detailed by Our IT Consulting Experts on Long Island

Cyber-attacks continue to increase with each passing year. Unfortunately, worldwide ransomware damage neared the $12 billion mark in 2019. It is possible it will double this year. Below, our IT consulting specialists on Long Island provide a look at the top data breaches in 2020.


Rewind back to the start of the spring, and Zoom reported half a million stolen account usernames and passwords. These stolen account credentials were put up for sale to the shady individuals on the dark web. Furthermore, cyber miscreants began zoom bombing at this time, jumping into Zoom meetings without invitation and wreaking havoc. This unique hack stemmed from credential stuffing in which cyber evildoers use data from prior breaches to pilfer login credentials.


Hackers tapped into internal data systems with personal information of more than five million individuals who stayed at Marriott hotels. The data was obtained with the use of login credentials stolen from employees who worked for Marriott.

Magellan Health

Magellan health was victimized by a cyber-attack in April. Hackers obtained nearly 400,000 patient data records then launched ransomware. The attackers gained access to the Magellan system five days prior to the ransomware attack by impersonating one of the company’s clients. Malware was subsequently installed to pilfer worker login credentials and tap into a corporate server. This server contained highly sensitive patient information such as Social Security numbers along with W-2 data.


Though Nintendo hasn’t had digital security problems in the past, the company was attacked in the summer, when 300,000 of the company’s user accounts were breached. Cyber thieves obtained access to the accounts to fraudulently purchase items without permission. In response, Nintendo implemented two-factor authentication.

How to Prevent Digital Attacks

Preventing cyber-attacks is centered on clear security policies. Your business clearly needs a cybersecurity checklist in place, highlighted by risk assessments, safeguarding data, BYOD policy evaluation, secure wireless internet, email restrictions, and more. Our IT consulting experts on Long Island can help you prevent digital attacks with such safeguards.

Patch management will also help. Software providers release patches every now and then to correct glitches. In short, patch management remedies vulnerabilities in software. Patch management should include an inventory of your business’s software, reviewing patch management at specific intervals, remaining current with patch updates, testing patches prior to deployment, data backups, securely deploying patches, and documenting/categorizing patch applications.

Total Technology Solutions is at Your Service

Our IT consulting team on Long Island is here to help safeguard your business against cyber attacks. Contact us now to find out more about our managed IT services and schedule an appointment for your Long Island business.

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