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Top Considerations for the Transition to Hybrid Workspaces | IT consulting Long Island

As time progresses, more companies are transitioning to a hybrid workspace. This transition often turns out to be much more difficult than initially assumed. Those who prepare accordingly stand a much better chance of making as seamless a pivot as possible. Our IT consulting team on Long Island is here to help you transition to a hybrid work model the right way. Below, we identify some of the top considerations for companies making the move to hybrid workplaces.

Consider Using Microsoft Teams Rooms and Teams Voice

Teams Rooms empowers businesses to connect employees through hybrid workspaces with ease. This technology makes it easy for remote users to enjoy a virtual collaborative experience with webcams, microphones, and screens.

Teams Voice empowers businesses to engage in meaningful calls that prove reliable and completely secure. This is a golden opportunity to take full advantage of technological innovation to collaborate with your team in several different locations through a convenient interface. You can even use your traditional desktop phone with Teams for high-quality, clear, and hands-free discussions.

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Be Mindful of Security

The hybrid workplace poses some security concerns. Security is one part reaction and another part action. In short, you will need defenses and a proactive can-do approach, each applied at the proper point in time. Asure Sentinel, Azure Firewall, and Microsoft Security Essentials are a couple of examples of lines of defense against malicious digital threats. Azure’s digital security products even identify threats and use AI-assisted features to perform a prompt investigation into those attacks.

Take Full Advantage of the Cloud

Our IT consulting experts on Long Island recommend that you optimize your cloud infrastructure as you pivot to hybrid work, and you will find the transition is that much smoother. Use the cloud to store data on OneDrive or the popular SharePoint made by Microsoft, and your team will be able to organize and access information with a couple of mouse clicks. Backing up your data on the cloud is also possible with the use of SysGen Atmosphere and similar cloud solutions.

If you are transitioning to a hybrid workplace or need help with technological challenges, get in touch with us at Total Technology Solutions for assistance. Our IT consulting team on Long Island will guide you through all your tech challenges, ensuring you get the most out of every penny you spend on computers, software, networks, the cloud, and more. Contact us now to learn about out managed services on Long Island.

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