December 15

Tips from IT Consulting Experts in Long Island on How to Secure Your Network Effectively

IT consulting professionals in Long Island provide different advice for different businesses. The level of technology you’re utilizing will necessarily match your operation. Accordingly, the network you run requires security which is likewise specifically configured to fit the needs of your business.

Tactics That Become Intuitive with Application

It helps to partner with an IT support provider in Long Island, as they can take a careful look at what you’re doing then provide relevant advice pertaining to best practices in network security. To that end, the following three considerations will produce unique network security solutions:

1. Make It Policy That Remote Access Be Conducted via VPN

IT consulting experts in Long Island strongly advise the use of a virtual private network (VPN) for employees operating remotely. Some businesses prefer to host networks through the cloud, essentially assuring all network access is on a VPN. While VPNs and cloud computing do differ, in terms of hosted networks, you’re looking at a relatively similar situation. If you’ve got remote employees, when they use a VPN to access your network, you’re getting the additional security of the VPN provider they use.

2. Put MFA Protocols in Place for Those Accessing Your Network

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) uses more than one means of legitimizing someone seeking network access. This helps assure you’re at your most secure by only allowing approved individuals on a network. Biometric data, passcodes, geography, and time can all be used as MFA gateways.

3. Monitor Traffic to Avoid Suspicious Activity, Assure Firewalls Are Updated

You should have continuous monitoring in place so anomalous activity can be identified and curtailed before it impacts the whole network. Additionally, firewalls become less integral over time, meaning they should always be updated.

More Robust Network Security

Our IT consulting team in Long Island can help you find VPN options that match the technological needs of your business and facilitate more robust network security. We can also help you determine if MFA protocols are proper and put monitoring options in place that assist you in the identification and elimination of suspicious activity before it becomes an issue. Lastly, we can also help you design firewall protocols that keep your business perpetually secure. To learn more, get in touch with us at Total Technology Solutions.

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