July 27

Tips from Cyber Security Experts in New York on Designing Strategies to Prevent Data Loss

Cyber security experts in New York define data loss or leakage as when there’s a loss, theft, or distribution of data that’s important, private, proprietary, or otherwise sensitive to core business operations. Total leak prevention may be impossible, but the right security solutions can act like digital leak-proof caulk.

Preventing Sensitive Information from Leaking Out

With the help of IT security professionals, you can get ahead of leaks through anticipating common areas of leakage and proactively preparing operations for common issues. With that in mind, a few alternatives you should consider, as advised by cyber security experts in New York, include the following:

Recurring Employee Education

You should educate employees, and keep educating them. New issues will develop as technology transitions. Accordingly, you need to educate your workers so they know what is acceptable, and what isn’t, in terms of secure operations. Password management and web etiquette are key here.

Efficient, Continuous Monitoring and Support

Monitoring and support of personnel is integral to data loss prevention. There needs to be an efficient methodology here. Support needs to also be available at a moment’s need, and you should be able to remotely quarantine “leaking” devices.

RMM Options for More Secure Decentralized Infrastructure

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) allows you to watch, wipe, update, and quarantine remote devices; be they of the “mobile” or “desktop” variety. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is also something cyber security experts advise. As the 2020 crisis has shown, decentralization is integral presently. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) requires careful security measures and associated consultation.

Stopping Up Information Leaks

At Total Technology Solutions, we can do a few things to proactively help you prevent data loss. We can help keep your employees educated pertaining to the latest security strategies, acquire reliable monitoring and support options, and look into RMM and other methods of securing remote operations. Such tactics should help increase security and reduce data leaks. If you need help with cyber security, don’t hesitate to reach out to our cyber security professionals in New York for assistance.

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