September 28

Tips from Cyber Security Experts in New York: Minimizing Cost and Complexity of Backup Solutions

When it comes to unexpected circumstances which result in downtime, it’s not a question of “if” you’ll experience them, it’s a question of “when”. There are best practices recommended by cyber security specialists in New York which can produce the best results here.

More Security At Less Cost

IT security professionals can help you secure your data better than internal solutions are often able to without having to spend as much for this kind of outcome. A few ways this is done include the following steps:

Design a Strategy to “Rescue” Your System

Cyber security experts in New York advise that you should first start with a strategy built around best practices for proper system rescue. Backup needs to be regular and automatic, and distributed across at least several different backup arrays automatically. You need a strategy for recovery in the event of a lost time event.

Assure Backups Are Easy to Access; Test Systems Periodically

Accessibility is key in most efficiently securing your system. If access is hard, it will take longer for you to reboot, and that means more costly downtime. Also, if you don’t test systems periodically after you put them into operation, they may fail on you without your knowledge of the issue until an emergency happens.

Reduce Operational Complication Through Centralized Management

IT professionals advise that you should centralize backup support strategies. You want everything in one place. This makes it easier to identify specific issues and expedite recovery when an emergency happens.

Less Complex, More Effective Backup

Total Technology Solutions can help you reduce operational complications through centralized management, make it so backups are easy to access, periodically test systems for effectiveness, and design specific strategies for system restoration in an emergency. To learn more about these and other IT backup techniques, don’t hesitate to contact our cyber security professionals in New York.

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