February 18

Three Central Tips for Improving Cyber Security in Your New York Business

There are countless potential risks for companies which depend on information technology. These dangers include ransomware, spyware, hacking, and computer viruses. Therefore, you should have a plan for improving cyber security in your New York business this year. The right approach will minimize the financial losses which could be incurred due to attacks. Moreover, if you have strong security measures, you can avoid bad publicity and prevent the inconveniences of downtime.

Here are central guidelines on improving your company’s IT security:

Check for Vulnerabilities

Numerous companies have experienced data breaches and their confidential information has been exposed. Most of these breaches occur because of the weaknesses in commercial networks. In simple terms, if there is vulnerability in your computer network and it is not detected and sealed, there is a high risk that a hacker will discover the loophole and take advantage. Therefore, you should dedicate resources into the regular review of your network and identification of potential problems.

Incorporate Security Measures

It is important to invest in cyber security services in New York for your business. In the past, only high-profile corporations were in danger of hacking and other issues. This has changed in the last few years. If you leave your network exposed, some unscrupulous persons will take advantage. There are different measures that you can enforce for a more secure network. For instance, you can install firewalls, enforce stronger user policies and update programs regularly. In addition, it is advisable to engage a managed services provider for network monitoring and protection.

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Maintain a Backup System

Enforcing security measures and checking for network loopholes does not always guarantee complete security. Therefore, it is important to be prepared for a problem in case of an accident. If your network is breached or compromised, you might lose all your crucial data. If you cannot recover your information, your business will collapse. You will not be able to run your normal operations. In addition, recovering the information without your original database can be costly and time-consuming if at all possible. Therefore, you should think about establishing a good backup plan. You do not need to invest a lot upfront for a backup system. It is possible to use cloud solutions for convenient data recovery.


Finally, it is essential to remain informed about the trends and changes in technology. The information will help you make the best IT decisions for your business. Additionally, you should consider organizing training sessions on cyber security in New York for your employees. If you would like to learn more about improving network efficiency and security, contact us as Total Technology Solutions.

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