November 3

The Rising Significance of the Cloud in the COVID 19 Era | IT Support on Long Island

Cloud computing has stood out as a silver lining through this pandemic. Cisco predicts that 94% of businesses shall have shifted to the cloud by 2021. COVID-19 emergency is accelerating the cloud adoption and providing a unique opportunity for business continuity and recovery. A significant percentage of IT support services in Long Island are currently geared towards quick and cost-effective cloud migrations.

Document Sharing

Now is not the time for following up on documents through never-ending email chains. Cloud-based document sharing is an excellent method of guaranteeing that crucial documents can be accessed and retrieved with ease, even by a distributed workforce.


As COVID-19 sends laborers home, collaboration has become more difficult. Fortunately, document sharing on the cloud via platforms like Dropbox and Google Docs enhances real-time collaboration.

Network Security

Cyber-attacks have consistently represented a risk to the inexorably digitized business environment. COVID 19 has made things worse where cybersecurity is concerned. McKinsey’s survey shows that increased remote working and reliance on BYOD have significantly heightened the cybersecurity risks. IT support providers on Long Island help businesses take advantage of remote working while keeping them secure from cyber threats.

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Customer Service

The pandemic has not just affected businesses. Customers the world over are having to deal with decreased wages and other uncertainties. Customer service teams need to invest more time and more empathy in building and nurturing relationships at this time.

Moving the customer service to the cloud can help to provide speedy services to clients. It likewise can make life much easier for your customer service representatives. They can access customer information from anywhere in real-time. They can manage high call volumes and help businesses not lose clients to the competition at these uncertain times.

Distributed Teams

Gartner reports that 74% of organizations plan on reducing the number of employees in their office, even after the infection rate reduces. Remote working has been a trend for quite a while now, yet the current increase in work-from-home job arrangements requires businesses to handle distributed teams effectively.

Remote desktops, videoconferencing, and document sharing solutions on the cloud are significantly helping business continuity. Workers can link to their workstations from any part of the world and connect with colleagues, management, and clients.

Flexible Scalability

The true impact of unforeseen circumstances in business is currently evident all across the world. Many organizations have been forced to downsize and lay off employees. Others have suspended operations altogether.

Businesses that are currently on the cloud can scale down with ease. Computing resources are leased, not owned. If traffic is low, for instance, one can quickly downsize their storage needs and save costs. If traffic should surge again, these businesses can easily expand their computing resources.

The cloud is one of the few things keeping current global economies from sinking completely. Total Technology Solutions is an IT support provider on Long Island that can help you easily get the benefits the cloud has to offer. Contact us for partial and total cloud migration and managed IT services on Long Island.

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