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The Real Cost of Relying on Outdated Tech Explained by Our IT Support Team on Long Island

When was the last time you evaluated the efficiency and reliability of your office technology? If you are like most business owners and managers, you wait until something goes wrong with a server, network or several computers before considering buying replacements. As detailed below by our IT support team on Long Island, there is a significant cost to a reliance on outdated technology.

Old Computers Burn Up Your Team’s Limited Time

Time is money. There is no sense letting old computers waste your team’s time when you can replace those outdated machines with new ones. If your team loses more than a couple minutes per day due to a slow computer, network, server or other machine, it is time to be proactive rather than reactive with the replacement of those old tech devices. Spend for new computers and the uptick in efficiency will dramatically boost worker productivity.

Outdated Technology Poses a Considerable Security Risk

The last thing you need is a digital security breach. Breaches take up time, require a considerable amount of effort to rectify, and ultimately cost a bundle of money.

Our managed IT experts on Long Island can help you select and implement the latest tech so you don’t have to worry about a digital breach. We will fortify your digital defenses, ultimately helping you thwart digital attackers and stay in business across posterity.

The bottom line is outdated tech and older, unsupported operations systems, really are that much more likely to be hacked. Do not spend one more day with such a vulnerability. Spend for the latest tech and you will rest easy knowing your systems are that much less likely to be breached.

Old Technology Makes Clients Think Less of You

The use of old, outdated and/or slow technology will send clients scurrying to the competition. Even a single instance of the system being down has the potential to convince clients they should jump ship for another company that has the latest tech.

The moral of this story is your team should never have to apologize for tech inefficiencies. Your computers and network should be fully functional at all times. Otherwise, you will alienate your clients and lose their business in due time. To upgrade your business, you might need to work with an IT support provider on Long Island.

Your willingness to invest in new technology has the potential to make or break your business. Our IT support team on Long Island is here to help you choose the best tech for your company. Reach out to us at Total Technology Solutions to find out more about our services.

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