November 8

The Purpose of Microsoft Outlook’s Phish Alert Button in the Context of Cyber Security

Phishing is a significant threat to businesses of all types and sizes. This form of digital attack is becoming that much more complex with each passing year, forcing the likes of Microsoft to develop new and better cyber security solutions. The company has created a phish alert button to bolster security all the more. Let’s take a look at what this button is really all about and why every business should use it.

The Phish Alert Button

The phish alert button is now being used in Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Office 365 and even Google’s Workspace. This add-on is included in each email a user opens. The phish alert button is clicked when the user suspects the message is a form of phishing. The button click transmits the email to the IT professionals for prompt analysis prior to its deletion from the inbox. However, it is recommended that undesired advertising emails and spam are deleted. It is also recommended that the senders of those messages be blocked.

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The Purpose of the Phish Alert Button

The overarching aim of the phish alert button is to empower IT specialists to notify employees of the problem and encourage them to beware of impending digital attacks. The hope is that the IT crew responsible for cyber security defense identifies and halts such digital attacks right away. The use of the phish alert button bolsters security all the more, facilitating the flagging of shady emails for prompt review.

How to use the Phish Alert Button

The use of this essential line of security defense shouldn’t intimidate you in the slightest. Install the button, and it will be available in all emails. If you believe a specific email message is a phishing scam or otherwise malicious, click it, click the Home tab and click the phish alert button. Choose “yes” when prompted to determine if the email is to be reported. This action eliminates the email from the message inbox and transmits it to the selected forwarding address.

The use of the button on Microsoft Office 365 requires a clicking of the related icon on the drop-down menu. Click the button, click “yes” to report the phishing attempt and a message will pop up stating whether the attack is attempted or simulated. Simulated phishing attempts empower IT specialists to test users’ ability to identify and report potentially malicious email messages, ultimately making the workplace that much safer for the business as a whole as well as other employees.

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