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The IT Support Services on Long Island You Get Should Be Geared Toward Enhancing Your Bottom Line

When IT was in its infancy, it was centered on the break-fix model in which the tech gurus would wait until something went wrong before taking corrective action. However, this model has proven to be flawed as time has progressed. In short, it is better to be proactive as opposed to reactive. However, this is only one way in which the IT industry has changed. Today’s IT support on Long Island and beyond is largely centered on providing proactive, custom-tailored tech solutions specifically designed to enhance business outcomes.

Step Into the Everything-as-a-Service Era

Everything as a Service, sometimes referred to with the acronym of XaaS, has taken center stage. The IT space has moved from the conventional CAPEX product-spend strategy to the acquisition of services, ranging from managed services to professional services and beyond. The bottom line is, your IT services provider on Long Island should be fully aligned with the dynamics of current economic changes as well as the nuances of your unique business.

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Above all, today’s IT services are geared towards beneficial outcomes. As time progresses, more and more subscription models will be converted to models based on outcomes. In plain English, this means instead of paying before things go wrong, clients will pay when IT challenges arise that necessitate the assistance of an IT team. It is quite possible IT will eventually transition all the way to a “pay after” setup in which business owners/managers provide payment after the desired outcome is achieved.

A Look at the LAER Model

As we transition to a tech-focused future characterized by the use of computers in nearly every facet of life and business, more and more organizations will use the LAER model. LAER is an acronym that is short for “land, adopt, expand and renew”. In short, tech service providers will work that much closer with clients to develop a truly comprehensive understanding of their business needs then subsequently develop solutions designed to generate specific outcomes.

Our IT support team on Long Island is implementing aspects of the LAER approach as well as other strategies to serve clients as best as possible across posterity.

At Total Technology Solutions, our IT support company on Long Island is squarely focused on improving your business. Let us tackle your tech challenges and you will notice an uptick in productivity along with enhanced security that results in an invaluable peace of mind. Reach out to us to find out more about how we can help your business.

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