February 11

The Importance of Conducting Cyber Security Audits Regularly

The truth is, at the most, your best internal cyber security efforts are going to generally secure data on your premises. Here’s the thing: there’s no such thing as perfect security. Technology was invented by people, for people. People are imperfect. The most impressively coded platform is going to have a hole in it somewhere. Compounding the issue are technological developments.

Notable Breakthroughs Produce New Vulnerabilities

Certainly, advances in IT fix old problems and facilitate greater security. However, they create new problems as well. For example, the Internet of Things (IoT) is now everywhere; it’s essentially a global phenomenon. IoT tech can save money, facilitate more optimized operations, and a whole host of cost-saving beneficial things.

However, IoT tech also broadens the technology surface area of a business, ultimately making it more prone to cyber security breach than it would be otherwise. IoT security is becoming more effective, but as yet it still isn’t quite as airtight as many would prefer it to be. And tech isn’t stopping owing to this reality.

A Continual Forward March

Essentially, 5G is here, and there are already companies working on 6G. Cloud computing is everywhere, and people are more likely to access the internet from their mobile devices than from a traditional web portal. With all these things going on, it’s absolutely integral that you regularly audit the cyber security solutions your business has in place.

This can be done through the internal personnel you’ve acquired for IT facilitation purposes. However, internal techs likely aren’t going to be as comprehensive as an outsourced solution. Additionally, they’re unlikely to have the same budget or resources as an external tech company providing varying security options for your tech networks.

Key Points Worth Taking Away

Essentially, you want security that functions so automatic updates happen as soon as new options develop. Audits should come several times a year after that in accordance with what the best practices are for your particular business according to appropriate consultation. To summarize:

  • Tech goal posts are always moving
  • Auditing tech tells where strengths and weaknesses of networks are
  • Continuous upgrade using automated means is recommendable
  • Working with MSPs can help you maximize operational security

Audits, Relevance, Outsourcing, and Automation Help Secure Your Business

Working with cyber security experts can be a key part of your preparedness strategy. At Total Technology Solutions, you can get security options which are built around maintaining cutting-edge relevance. We can audit your operation to see where you’re doing well and help you apply automated upgrades or patches for greatest effectiveness. Contact us now for more information on securing your tech network.

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