April 19

The Best Cyber Security Practices for Your Remote Workers on Long Island

The underlying threats in the remote working cyber space mean your cyber security solutions provider on Long Island should focus beyond deploying the latest technologies. Instead, the focus needs to shift to creating customized cyber security plans to alleviate cyber threats while working remotely.

Challenges ranging from less secure networks to unrelenting cybercriminals mean you can’t afford to remain unprepared when it comes to your data and cyberspace security breach. Here are the best cyber security practices that can help mitigate cyber threat impact to your remote office workers.

Analyzing the Cyber Security Threat Factor

Any business with remote workers needs to conduct a cyber security risk analysis to identify its network vulnerabilities to cyber attacks. Majorly, issues of weak network security are due to businesses’ reluctance to invest in the best IT support systems that can prevent massive cyber security breaches.

Network vulnerabilities are usually software or hardware flaws, which can result in a security breach when compromised by a threat. These flaws increase the prevalence of cloud-based attacks to remote workers using networks with weak cyber security protection. Ensuring you have the best network protocols with defense against malware and other online threats will make the remote working experience safe and fulfilling.

Workers Training

The cyber security skills gap in most remote workers is still a big challenge to dealing with cyber security attacks. Whether experienced or not, your workers could be unsuspectingly putting the company’s data at risk.

According to Cybint’s report on cyber security facts, 95% of cyber security breaches are mainly caused by preventable employee errors.

Cyber security experts on Long Island can help teach your remote workers to identify any potential risks to their cyber security. In the end, you’ll have a remote workforce that can smell out cyber-crime attempts hence saving your business from massive cyber security breaches.

Ensure Regular Data Backup

With the rapid technological evolution, it’s hard to stay ahead of cyber security completely. While every business must prevent as many cyber-attacks as possible, your cyber security can still be compromised regardless of the safety measures put in place.

Embracing data backup as a cyber-security solution will help your business secure its important information against malware damage or cyber attacks. Besides backing up all the essential documents, ensure all data is stored on the cloud with the inclusion of offsite and external drive storage.

Final Word

Implementing the above cyber security practices can go a long way in ensuring your remote workers are protected from constant cyber attacks. From phishing attempts, ransomware, and advanced persistent threats, your business stands to benefit if all these risks are well mitigated. At Total Technology Solutions, we offer the best cyber security support solutions on Long Island that will shield your remote workers against cyber attacks. Contact us to learn more about our cyber security services.

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