May 29

It Takes One to Know One: How to Strengthen Your Cyber Security in New York by Thinking Like a Hacker

For your cyber security in New York, the best approach is to think like a hacker. Get inside their heads, find out gaps to take advantage of, anticipate their next move— then boom! Use their own shortcomings against them to take them down. It takes one to know one, after all. But, how exactly can you do it? These techniques can get you on the right track:

Try to Hack Your Own Systems

White hat hackers (a.k.a. ethical hackers) are experts who attempt to gain access into systems with their client companies’ knowledge and permission. The aim of the exercise is to unearth weaknesses before black hat hackers (a.k.a. the unethical hackers) can discover them and use them for malicious purposes.

Perform Penetration Tests

How easy is it to break into your company’s systems? One way to find out is through penetration tests, which are tests used to find vulnerabilities that cybercriminals can exploit. These tests should be regularly done to ensure the applied security measures are still effective.

Pay Attention to Social Engineering

You may have the most stringent cyber security in New York, but that can be rendered useless by neglectful employees who do things like write down passwords on sticky notes, fill out forms on phishing sites, share login credentials with coworkers, to name a few. To err is human, indeed!

Find Out What Hackers Want

Whether it’s money or infamy, cybercriminals usually want something whenever they hack systems. So, what’s their motivation for targeting your company? Are you privy to some juicy corporate secrets? Do you collect financial information from your customers? Answer these questions, and it’s going to be easier to determine what drives cybercriminals and how they intend to attack your systems.

Think Outside the Box

Like a game of chess, it’s best to plan not just your next move, but also the next several. Cybercriminals are used to finding loopholes and breaking rules, so you have to be creative, as well, when making your security strategy. Also, strive to be proactive, instead of reactive, so that you can nip threats in the bud even before they get the chance to wreak havoc.
Of course, the best way to improve your cyber security in New York is to work with a provider you can trust. At Total Technology Solutions, we focus on delivering reliable IT solutions across the country. Contact us now for more information about our services.

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