October 22

Sustainable Server Monitoring Solutions Stem from IT Support in Long Island

IT support providers in Long Island can make sustainable business at a predictable operational cost in terms of technology something you can expect.

Consider downtime. You’re going to have a couple hours of it every year, there’s no way around that. Perhaps an outlier year will be seen with no downtime, but that’s beyond the average.

Likely enough, you’re going to experience at least 10 hours’ server downtime annually owing to emergency, server age, breach, or what-have-you. That’s $10k at $1k per downtime hour; and if you’re a business over five people, you can bet downtime will be much more costly. It’s averaged at $140k/hour for larger enterprises, for an annual cost of $1.4 million at only 10 hours.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got continuous server monitoring solutions in play through the right tech agency, you can diminish that number substantially. It’s very reasonable to suspect even SMBs on the small side will save more money through deferred downtime than they spend in prevention, meaning this cost ultimately ends up facilitating ROI–something rare and considerable.

How Server Monitoring Works

Here’s how continuous server monitoring works: an IT support provider in Long Island manages software which continuously scans servers and makes reports based on specific parameters as set either by you, the IT provider, or both of you working together to most comprehensively cover possible exigencies.

Now these reports can additionally be used to initiate maintenance. Doing so helps prevent future issues in the same way vehicular maintenance keeps your car functioning safely on the road for thousands more miles than it would otherwise. When big issues hit servers, those monitoring operations are alerted, and they can either quarantine specific servers or rebuff a given breach with much greater immediacy.

Altogether, you can expect not only reduction in potential operational issues, but greater longevity of successful operations, allowing you to maximize investment in technology.

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Considerable Benefits

Altogether, you can expect increased optimization in operations, yielding greater profitability and competitive ability going forward. Provided, of course, you acquire server monitoring solutions from the right provider of technological solutions.

Check into their SLA (Service Level Agreement) and contrast that with the associated cost in order to get the best idea of your most ideal option. Sometimes, paying more is worthwhile since you reduce downtime tangibly.

Safeguarding Operations

An IT support provider in Long Island can help you avoid issues which would otherwise impact operations with greater totality. Properly orchestrated, server monitoring and support has the propensity to deliver ROI in deferred operational costs. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions for more information on how to best manage your technology assets.

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