August 27

Surge in Cyber Attacks for Educational Institutions & Local Government

If you think educational institutions and local government have a target on their backs when it comes to cyber attacks, you are likely correct. Over the last year alone, cities such as Atlanta, GA, Albany NY, Baltimore, MD, and Riviera Beach, FL, have been victims of ransomware. Late last week, the Rockville Centre, NY school district joined the long list of public entities to be victimized by hackers.

After being hacked with a ransomware virus that encrypted files on the system’s server until payment was made to unlock the information, the school district paid nearly $100,000 to regain access. Fortunately, for neighboring school district, Mineola, they got hit with the same ransomware but had all of its data backed up.

Unfortunately, there is no “silver bullet” for cybersecurity. It is imperative that school districts and local government analyze the cybersecurity measures currently in place. Total offers a comprehensive cybersecurity solution, Total’s Layered Defense, that integrates overlapping layers of security into an effective cyber shield. This solution will dramatically reduce your vulnerability to successful cyber attacks and includes:

  • Cybersecurity awareness training
  • Periodic vulnerability scanning & penetration testing
  • Advanced Threat / Endpoint Protection
  • Internet Threat Protection
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery
  • Dark Web Monitoring, and more

Learn more about Total’s Layered Defense cybersecurity offering, a comprehensive solution that integrates overlapping layers of security into an effective cyber shield.

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