June 28

Summer’s Heating Up and So Is Ransomware

With summer in full effect, the last thing anyone wants to focus on is cybersecurity. But in June 2017 alone, several massive ransomware attacks have been reported and with cybersecurity headlines popping up all over, it certainly is grabbing some attention.

Following the May 2017 world-wide cyberattack, popularly known as WannaCry, two other notable ransomware attacks surfaced in June.

On June 10, over 150 Linux servers were hit with the ransomware known as Erebus at a South Korean web hosting company.  The company ended up paying an approximate 1 million dollars ransom in return for the decryption of its infected files. Because the company’s servers were outdated, it was open to vulnerabilities. And unfortunately, like many others, they likely made the common mistake of thinking “why would a cyber criminal attack my business?” But ultimately, this mistake is likely to cost the company much more than the 1 million dollar ransom as they will need to upgrade their servers and software, and ultimately put secure systems in place.

Another reported ransomware attack, being referred to as Petya, Not Petya, and Goldeneye, was reported on June 27 and has affected over 12,000 machines in more than 60 countries including the U.S. It was reported that the attack was targeting companies that were vulnerable in the Ukraine but the malware quickly spread across the globe, infecting companies such as Merck, Oreo, and Nabisco in the U.S. Cybersecurity experts have been hard at work to locate the culprit of the attack and one expert has even claimed there is a “vaccine” that can stop the ransomware.

What Can Businesses Do for Protection?

You’ve probably heard this before…Cybersecurity is a people problem. In addition to running the latest software updates, antivirus scans, it is extremely important that your staff has Cybersecurity Awareness Training. Being informed of common social engineering schemes and email phishing scams is the first step to protecting your business. But it doesn’t end there. Ensuring a business continuity solution is in place as well as performing routine vulnerability scanning and penetration testing are also extremely important steps for your protection.

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